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Congratulations, Samuel Leadismo!

In the last few years, SIA has begun supporting more of our partner organizations with grants for staff salaries. Grants for overhead?? Isn't it better to pay for programs or tangible objects, rather than overhead? We've found that where there is dedicated, well-paid staff, grassroots efforts are able to thrive in a consistent way. Rather than seeing it as a waste, we see it as investing in and honoring the people that bring our vision of a better world into reality, while also making sure they support themselves and their families.

Samuel Siriria Leadismo, Co-founder and Director of Pastoralist Child Foundation (PCF) in Samburu, Kenya is one of these people who is putting SIA into action, and who is compensated by a SIA grant for his salary. It's not just SIA that sees the amazing work he does to advocate for girls in Kenya. Last week, Samuel received a prestigious recognition award from Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta!


From Pastoralist Child Foundation's Founder and President, Sayydah Garrett:

On Friday, Samuel Siriria Leadismo, PCF's Co-founder & Director received a prestigious recognition award from Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta! Samuel was recognized and awarded for his dedication and hard work to end female genital mutilation (FGM).

Samuel receives a trophy award

Speaking during the virtual launch of the Kenyan chapter of Generation Equality Forum at State House, Nairobi, President Kenyatta enumerated various initiatives the government had put in place to ensure gender equity and empowerment of women and girls. He said women are a critical national asset with great potential to shape, influence, and contribute to all spheres of development, and that empowering them strengthens the family, society, and the nation at large. “When countries respect women's rights, promote gender equality, and put women and girls at the centre of their development agenda, their societies and economies thrive, and those benefits extend far into future generations," the President said.

"Equally important to highlight is that cultural and religious leaders from the Borana, Samburu, and Pokot communities have made bold public declarations to eliminate FGM and child marriage. This includes the 'Kisima Declaration' which I witnessed in Samburu in March of this year,” President Kenyatta said.

Samburu girl from Kenya

The award to Samuel was presented by CS Margret Kobia, PS Collete Suda, Diplomatic Corps, UN Women country reps, UNFPA country reps, Anti-FGM Board and National stakeholders from the Ministry of Public Service and Gender during the launch of the Kenyan chapter of the #GenerationEquality towards the commitments of the #BeijingDeclaration in 1995.

(Pictured: Janet recently graduated from high school and is continuing on to university with the support of a sponsor through PCF! She is a role model for girls in their villages.)

PCF has made great strides in its efforts to end FGM and child marriage. How gratifying to be recognized by the President of Kenya! Our eternal gratitude to Samuel for all he does to advance our mission!

You can read more about the work, projects, and education initiatives of Pastoralist Child Foundation here.

Kenyan women with sewing machines

SIA has also supported the building of a curio/jewelry shop for Samburu women through PCF.

*Photos used with permission from Pastoralist Child Foundation. Thank you!


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