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Your planned gift can help us carry out Del’s dream by supporting people around the world to live into their full potential and move out of poverty towards prosperity. 

The Del Anderson Legacy Circle honors donors who give to SIA through bequests, trusts or other legacy gifts. These gifts ensure continued economic opportunities and meaningful relationships for those who are in need today and for future generations to come.

Bequest Language

If you already have a will or living trust, you can amend your current will with the help of your advisor.

Consider the following suggested language with your attorney: 
“I devise and bequeath to Spirit in Action (Tax ID 93-1207351), located at PO Box 3384, Santa Cruz, CA 95063, __________% of my estate.” You can also list a specific amount or describe real or personal property. 

Please let us know if you have already included SIA in your will or estate planning arrangements! We’d love to share our gratitude now and include you in the Founder’s Circle. We always honor requests to remain anonymous.

Policy for Legacy Bequests

To guide the SIA Board in the treatment and disbursal of bequests from trusts and wills, and to give information to potential donors about how their bequests will be used, we adopt the following general guideline:

  1.  Each bequest will be divided, with 20% allocated to fund grants and meet  our annual budget, and 80%allocated to the investment portfolio.

  2.  This 20%-80% division is held as a guideline, rather than an inflexible mandate, in order to respond to project needs at the time the bequest is received.

*The information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor.

Your SIA Legacy: Get Involved

“Over the years, Bob and I were thrilled to see the power of the Spirit in Action small grants to enable people to begin successful small businesses. As we learned more about individual projects, and the families whose lives  have been lifted from poverty to self-sufficiency, we wanted to provide support beyond monthly contributions, and be part of  this amazingly effective development work long into the future. We discussed with our financial planner and attorney  leaving a percentage of our family trust to Spirit in Action. They not only encouraged this decision, but suggested that in addition to a percentage, we also name Spirit in Action the Residual Beneficiary, to receive any balance of the Trust that could not be distributed as we had designated (for example, if funds left to another non-profit could not be distributed due to the dissolution of the charity.) It is a blessing to be part of the Legacy Circle, knowing that generations to come will continue to better provide for their families, and strengthen their communities.”
~ Barbara Deal

Your SIA Legacy: Text
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