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Why we believe investing in local solutions and long-term relationships are “smart risks.”


We work towards inclusiveness and collective prosperity. We fight for the human rights of all, enhancing safety, security, and freedom for girls, women, and sexual minorities.


We support community-driven development led by local leaders who understand the local context, priorities, and realities.


Our partners work towards a high level of group cohesion, cooperation, and community interaction. SIA members provide peer-support and encouragement.


By building long-term partnerships with grant partners, and giving flexible funding, they have more time and space to address complex problems with long-lasting solutions. We support empowerment and resilience-building, rather than short-term solutions.


We look for groups that are engaging a broad base of leadership, including women and marginalized communities, in decision-making processes.


Our goal is to enhance love, harmony, and understanding at household and community level.


We celebrate the ripple effect of giving and receiving, sharing the results, and sharing the gift.


As an organization we pledge to listen to our grant partners, always be learning, practice vulnerability, and serve with humility.

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Statement of Spiritual Intention

Spirit in Action is founded on inter-denominational Christian principles. We intentionally welcome of people of many faiths and denominations, and create space for inter-faith and inter-denominational collaboration. SIA grants are available to anyone, regardless of ethnicity, background or faith tradition. We do not fund proselytizing activities, nor programs run directly by churches. We encourage everyone’s personal spiritual development.

Spirit in Action was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3), tax-exempt, charitable foundation in 1996. Tax ID #93-1207351.

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