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Grant Update – Samuel Teimuge (Kenya)

Here is the latest update from Samuel Teimuge (Eldoret, Kenya) about his recent Spirit in Action grants:


Filling bags full of grain for the animals.

Filling bags full of grain for the animals.

(Click picture for larger version)“The Machine was very useful last year but not as expected. It had some difficulty in producing. We used to get up to 30 bags per day and so it proved to be slow. With the savings of last year I have renovated the machine and is faster and would produce up to 80 to 100 back if the corn is very dry. So I have to start from Zero again. Together with some few farmers we were able to feed our cows and so we did not lack animal feed. Because of this my cow is now giving us 24 litres of milk per day. I hope to help many farmers this year and even take more pictures this time. Our son Obadiah is great help in assisting conduct the dairy farmers around the UTDC (Ukweli Training and Development Centre) and he is really encouraging them.”


Internally displaced people wait for blankets.

Internally displaced people wait for blankets.

(Click picture for larger version)“We had 17 families who were affected who lived close to UTDC. We bought 100 blankets and we gave to 25 families whose houses were burnt and also we gave each family 30kg of rice. We could not even mention this loudly because the need was too huge. But the families who received them were very grateful. Not all of them have return though the Government has encouraged these people to return. Empowering Lives Int’. helped with the maize seed. You will find attached pictures during blankets distribution. I did this with another group called Rebuilding from Ashes. The whole exercise went on well. And the families are happy.”

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