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Wow! This report from Malawi made my day!

Women of MAVISALO working together at the group’s Maize Mill. Cooperation and community are strengths of MAVISALO.

In 2009 SIA gave Manyamula Village Savings and Loans (MAVISALO) Cooperative a grant to start their village loan fund. It started small and yet each year we get more exciting news about how the group continues to expand, reduce poverty, and serve as a model to other community groups.

My heart filled with joy when I read this report from Canaan Gondwe, MAVISALO leader:

“MAVISALO has began showing impacts that are recognized at National level. Visitors are now and again at our door steps and they always leave our project impressed because of what they see and hear. We are informed that we will be hosting World Bank Team next month. They are coming to appreciate Village banking systems from us.”

Can you believe it? How exciting!

Canaan continues humbly: “We have attributed this success firstly to the grace that God has given us; secondly to SIA for the moral, technical and financial support rendered. This partnership is so strong and we feel confident that our future is bright socially, economically and spiritually. Our coming together as MAVISALO is strengthened now and again because of the support we receive internally and externally. THANK YOU SIA.”

I’m so impressed with the strides this group makes year after year. And I’m proud of the role that SIA continues to play in supporting local leadership.

Jerrisa with her son Mphatso in front of their new house. The small business also helped Mphatso travel to South Africa for work.

Two years ago: A business. Now: A home

Back in January of 2012, when Jerrisa Mumba filled out a SIA Small Business Plan for her family’s vegetable shop, she wrote that their dream was to renovate their house with profits from the business.

Two years later, after training sessions, mentoring, reinvestment, and many sales of tomatoes and “Irish” (russet) potatoes they happily shared this month that they have been able to reach their goal! Not only do they report that they are better clothed and eat better food, they also have built the walls to what will be their new home! And the business is still thriving, so much more good is still to come for Jerrisa and her family!

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