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Women leading the way

Women make mats in DR Congo.

Spirit in Action Small Business Fund groups train together and work together. Each group of at least 3 people attend a training workshop including sessions on business management, recording keeping, and communication skills. At the end of the training and the first business cycle of three months these leaders report feeling more confident in all areas of their life.

Also, when women have the opportunity to be in charge of their own business and make money – they pass on the economic gains to their whole families and help to raise the profile of women in their communities. That’s why SIA works with coordinators to ensure that women are given an equal change to lead SIA small businesses. In fact,  58% of current Small Business Fund leaders are female!

One family business group in Nigeria selling Palm Kernels, which are used to make cooking oil, provides a good example about how businesses can benefit the whole family:

“The business is a promising group as Nseobong says that they can now provide better food for their families. Their dream of making profit has really been fulfilled, as they are able to raise a strong capital with 25% reinvestment. This is truly wonderful. Thanks be unto God, Amen.”

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