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Join us! Meet Spirit in Action Partners

Just ten more days! On March 27th at 2pm PDT (5pm EDT), you are invited to see the impact of Spirit in Action Partners and hear about our 25 years of passionate service. We will have testimonies from Kenya, Burundi, and Uganda telling of the change in their communities. There will also be music from Malawi and Uganda, and a peek at what's in store for SIA in the next few years.

Del Anderson, the founder of SIA, wrote almost daily about his journey of faith in action. Today I share his thoughts from 2005 when Del was 99 years old.


Wisdom from Del: "We can't learn until we unlearn"

We accept each challenge, each change. Day by day is growth, change, fresh manna each day. Yesterday's manna is not good enough for today. My focus is coming forth as this new person each day.

On this pilgrimage from sense to soul, from self to Christ, from outer to inner, meditation is our blessed tool. Meditation, contemplative meditation, and prayer are three of God's greatest tools.

God's Kingdom is within us. We need to let it come forth, step by step, here on earth. It's an ever-changing world and I'm learning so much. I am seeing that every person is an expression of God, no matter where they are in their pilgrimage.

We need a time apart daily to prepare our hearts and still our minds. Let us remember that our life is not a life of feeling in reaction to outer conditions. It is our privilege to choose to live in the region of Spirit where the will of God produces God’s eternal operation.

If we plan to become proficient as a swimmer, or in any athletic adventure, we need to condition the body and practice, practice. There is, likewise, a period of preparation in attaining spiritual maturity and an effective prayer life. No skill is attained without steady focused interest, some understanding of and response to the Will of God.

It does require a real desire to change. We feel secure in the way we are. Changes don't make us feel as secure.

So much of what we have to do is unlearn, as well as learn. We can't learn until we unlearn. We have to unlearn the present.

Don't miss our big celebration! See what SIA partners are doing in their communities. Register to attend here.

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