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We have a new logo!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

I am so excited to share Spirit in Action’s new logo! Wait, new logo? Did SIA have an old logo? Short answer, not really. Long answer, we only had a stylized font version of our name and so not really.

This new logo is our opportunity to capture the spirit of our work in an image and continue with our best foot forward. And so we started the logo design process (led by the talented folks at Ballyhoo Design) by defining the core of our work:

  1. Spirit In Action is supportive and relationship-focused.

  2. Spirit In Action is compassionate, encouraging, empowering.

  3. Spirit In Action is community-oriented.

We wanted the logo to represent both our approach to grantmaking AND the actual SIA programs. And I think the new logo blends those perfectly!

  1. The hands show the relationship focus, and they also represent the leadership by our partners in Africa.

  2. The leaf expresses our passion for sustainable agriculture, and represents our grants that support training and farmers.

  3. The water droplet is about drinking and irrigation water and also represents that our grants are drops that fall into a greater ocean. Our drops ripple out and multiply – spreading through Sharing the Gift, cooperation, and empowered communities –reaching many more people than were touched by the first drop.

And so, without further delay, Ta-da!


What does this logo inspire in you? Would you sport a water bottle or tote bag with our logo? I’ll be adding the logo to our website and social media soon!

P.S. Did you notice that we moved to a new website address? Our whole website is now at the most natural URL: Feel free to bookmark us for quick access!

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