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Update from Teimuges: Animal Feed Machine Success

Last November the Spirit in Action Board of Directors approved a grant for Samuel Teimuge (Kenya) to purchase an Animal Feed Machine, which grinds up grasses for animal feed. This is part of the “zero-grazing” technique of animal husbandry which confines the animal in a shaded pen, reducing the risk of disease for the animal and the amount of erosion caused by the animal eating hillside grasses. “Zero-grazing” also increases the amount of milk produced by the cow or goat.

The Teimuges were able to purchase the machine right before the harvesting season and share the machine with neighbors also interested in using remaining hay to feed their animals. Here is an update from Samuel:

“We made 700 bags of animal feed and we managed to get $1,000 despite the violence in our country. We assisted over ten families to sustain their cows. I assisted Dennis Kiprop to purchase a water pump machine for irrigation at their farm. The rest of the money will go for machine adjustment to go faster and to start as early as September thisyear. Thank you so much”

Spirit in Action is excited to support this technology, which provides the community with more milk and training in healthy, ecological animal husbandry techniques.

Click on picture to see larger version:Obediah Teimuge manages the Animal Feed Machine

Obadiah puts plant remains into grinding machine.

Obadiah puts plant remains into grinding machine.

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