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Time to Review!

I had some grand dreams for 2012 and today I look back to see how we’ve done! (I’ve also included some of my favorite photos from 2012 throughout the post.)

Group members in sunflower

A group of new small business leaders in Kenya in their cooperative sunflower field. What amazing color!

Get youth involved: This is still a dream. I’ve talked to more youth and recent college graduates about their interest in social justice and international affairs and I hope to involve them in what we’re doing soon.

Expand Small Business Fund: This is in progress! We’re working with some new potential partners in Zambia and we’re so excited bring our business training and small grants program to another community in 2013.

Canaan Gondwe with a giant cucumber!

Canaan Gondwe (Malawi) with a giant cucumber! Grown with seeds sent from SIA. He was so surprised with how big it grew.

Dream Small (Savings and Loans): Grant proposals are in the works now to have Canaan Gondwe, the steller leader of the Manyamula Village Savings and Loans (MAVISALO) cooperative, to train new leaders to run a savings in loans group in their area! Keep watching the blog for new stories about this in the coming year.

Celebrate our 16th Anniversary: We certainly celebrated! Thanks to all who came to our celebration and silent auction last May. The event raised $1,800 which went to the MAVISALO cooperative for them to purchase a Maize Mill machine. (Two mills were purchased in November and they were installed last week!)

Thought-proving prayer from 2012: “Jesus, help us to live out the full implications of your prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Our daily bread. Give us a renewed sense of common life. – from Martin B. Copenhaver

Coming up… The SIA Board heads on into 2013 excited about new opportunities for partnership and community development! Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated throughout the year on all the great work being done by our partners.

Girls with a piglet in Uganda.

Girls with a piglet in Uganda.

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