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The Journey to Success

Woman selling tomatoes in Rwandan market

Bwima Brigitte sells tomatoes in a Rwandan marketplace.

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” When I am need of some inspiration and deepening of faith, I often turn to the writings of our founder, Del Anderson. He was a dedicated journal writer and processed many musings about Spirit in Action this way.

For those who receive Spirit in Action Small Business Fund grants, the journey to success becomes a bit easier. The $150 micro-grant is not designed to get the group members to a destination, rather it is the seed money they need to kick-start their journey towards personal empowerment and financial success.

The stories we hear from the small business groups often tell of these steps to success. “We are integrated into the community, because everybody needs salt,” says Espe Chipande in rural DR Congo. People who before had been excluded from the formal marketplace now feel included and valued. They are providing a simple product and helping themselves and their community.

Bountiful garden squash in DR Congo.

The corn is high and the squash are ready for harvest!

Similarly, Jackson Barakao (DR Congo), who started a retail cowhide business with his family, now proudly says, “Our service is needed. We are respected in our community.” They can afford better medical care and feel better about their future. With all the talk in the news about the importance of vaccines in developing countries, this is an important impact of the Small Business Fund.

Congratulations to these Small Business Fund group members who are hopeful about their journey to success!

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