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Thank God for Gandhi

Thank God for Mahatma Gandhi. His inspired saying, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” has motivated generations of volunteer, including me, to get active in shaping the world for the better.  We can envision change – a better world – and we are called to DO something about putting that change into place.

In case you’re wondering, we don’t hold board meetings in fancy hotels (ha!), instead members volunteer to host the group in their homes. All board members and advisory members graciously lend their time, insight, and prayerful consideration to fundraising, grant-making, and future visioning.

Confused that I moved to Canada last year and donation checks are still sent to Santa Cruz? Never fear – we have a lovely, tech-savvy volunteer (Stephanie Paureau) who regularly checks the PO Box and notifies me and the (volunteer) treasurer about each letter and donation.

Do we still send seeds? Indeed we do – thanks to the “Office Angels” BJ Boone and Aileen Gillem. They got the title of Office Angels from volunteering to “fly in” to Del’s delightfully chaotic office and help him with tasks and organizing.

Are they volunteers?

Let us now praise the good works and dedication of our Small Business Fund Coordinators! You may recognize these names but not know that they are volunteers: Canaan Gondwe (Malawi), Dennis Kiprop (Kenya), Godfrey Matovu (Uganda), Wambui Nguyo (Kenya), and Nalu Prossy (Uganda).

For the 15-20 hours a month they work for SIA – training, mentoring, reporting – they receive a stipend to cover expenses and the satisfaction of knowing they are part of a positive change in their communities.

All Conference attendees in Eldoret.

SIA partners and Small Business Fund Coordinators from many different countries gathered in Eldoert, Kenya in 2011.

Thank you to all these essential SIA supporters who are part of the spirit of action and change in the world! And thanks to the many more who pray for SIA, donate to our programs, talk about SIA with their friends, and like us on Facebook. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that last one!)

Has Gandhi’s saying inspired you to get involved in any change in your world? Would you like to volunteer with us?

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