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Spring Newsletter! Stories, photos, and updates!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The 2019 Spring & Summer newsletter is here! You can view a PDF version here and hard copies are in the mail this week!  

In this newsletter we feature:

  1. Why we support operating expenses for grassroots organizations

  2. How long-term partnership increases credibility for the Visionary Women’s Centre in Kenya

  3. Some of the ways that Small Business Fund groups pay-it-forward

  4. “No matter where you are, you deserve the best” Inspiration from Turinawe Samson, Universal Love Alliance, Uganda

After Christina Phiri started her grocery shop in Mzimba, Malawi with a Small Business Fund grant, she paid it forward by sharing some vegetables with a neighbor in need.

Read the full newsletter and donate now to support the work of Spirit in Action. Thank you for joining us in this work for more justice in the world!

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