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SIA in the Ugandan news!

The work of Spirit in Action grant partners is getting recognized in Uganda! Last week, Kakuuto Development Initiative (KADI-U) was featured on one of the national news channels for their work to distribute food to the elderly in their community.

Uganda has been struggling through a tough second wave of COVID-19, with high numbers of cases due to the very low vaccine supply and the presence of the Delta variant. The lockdown has hit the elderly and childless women particularly hard since they tend to be more isolated community members. So KADI-U pooled local resources with an emergency COVID relief grant from SIA to provide food and masks to those in need.

When the reporter interviewed KADI-U's Executive Director, Bakiika Musa, he explained the additional impact that hunger has on those living with AIDS. "We have many elderly people in our community with non-communicable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other illness. They cannot take medication without food. The effects of hunger can be disastrous for them."

Overwhelmed with Excitement

"Gugudde TV crew witnessed elderly people singing while dancing after being supported during these very hard times," reported the news announcer in the Ganda language. "They appeared overwhelmed with excitement!"

One of the interviewed elderly women said, "There is too much excitement right now. Thank you so very much for supporting us. This particular time is so terrible because our children don’t have money to support us and some of us don’t have children. May the good Lord Bless the hands that have provided."

Bakiida Musa distributes soap and food to Wanyana Josephine. Josephine is the local councilor for women and also a KADI-U volunteer. She is recovering from COVID-19. Musa reported that "She was so happy, to an extent that she cried."

Musa with Joyce. "She was very happy that someone was thinking about her during this trying time."

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