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Sharing the Gift – Spring Chickens Edition

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

After having their chance to receive hens and nurture them for meat, eggs, and profit last year, the 28 original members of the Visionary Women’s Centre Poultry Programme in Turbo, Kenya are now doing their part to Pay it Forward! This week they donated 140 hens to the new group members!

Sharing the Gift of hens with new group members!

In a grand event of celebration, sharing, and training, all 76 mothers and grandmothers gathered together. All are learning about new methods of vaccination to keep the hens and chicks healthy. And the 28 original members are acting as mentors and inspiration to the new members. They spoke with great enthusiasm, encouraging the new members and sharing their plans to use the upcoming profits from their poultry businesses to buy sheep and goats.

Since the first SIA Community Grant in November 2017, a total of 532 people have benefited from this project. Each of the 76 members are supporting an average of seven people, including husbands, children, grandchildren, and adopted family members.

Bringing home chickens in various ways

The women are empowered and energized by being given the means to improve the nutrition and economic opportunities for themselves and their families. Within the group there is “an observable increase in self-confidence and initiative, and a newfound sense of pride,” according to local leader Benter.

Receiving water and feed towers for their new poultry businesses.

P.S. The SIA Board is meeting this Saturday in Redwood Valley. We welcome your prayers as we plan for our future and approve a new round of Community Grands and Small Business Fund grants!

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