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Happy Thanksgiving!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!

Every morning I write five things I’m grateful for on a post-it note and stick to the wall beside my bed. The result is a growing reminder of the many good things in my life that I can turn to when I’m feeling discouraged or sad.

A wall full of gratitude

This week I am so grateful for:

  1. A harmonious and productive SIA Board Meeting, where we approved new grants for poultry projects for women in Kenya and girls in Uganda, Small Business Fund grants in Kenya and Malawi, and a peanut oil processing machine in Malawi, among other projects.

  2. Our wonderful SIA Small Business Fund (SBF) Coordinators in Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda who volunteer their time to help others in their community and who believe so strongly in our program.

  3. Wambui Nguyo in SBF Coordinator in Nairobi, Kenya writes, “I began being a part of Spirit in Action team in 2013. Like every other person new to any job, I was a bit apprehensive if I would do it as my mentors and trainers Dennis Kiprop & Caanan Gondwe. Five years down the line, am still doing the great work and have also been able to mentor someone else. Our goal is to serve others before ourselves and this includes identifying the less fortunate in the area of Korogocho informal settlement. We derive a lot of joy just knowing that somewhere a family has had an improvement in their live."

  4. The Camp Fire in Northern California is now 70% contained and smoke is clearing from the area. Gratitude and praise to the many, many local heroes who helped save lives and comfort those in need. And prayers for those who lost their homes and loved ones in the fire.

  5. Supporting Burundian refugees to establish new community in Rwanda

  1. Words of inspiration from Del Anderson that we read at the beginning of each Board Meeting. This was the phrase that struck me on Sunday: A dream has no dimension, no boundaries, no limitations. In Me, you have the Wisdom, Love and Power to be My instrument in bringing My Kingdom into manifestation here and now.

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