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Five Reasons to Give to SIA this Christmas

Thank you card from group in Malawi.

1. Give a meaningful gift! In his annual Gifts that Say You Care article, New York Times columnist Nicolas Kristof said, “Give Grandma a bit of credit! These holidays, would she rather receive a silly reindeer sweater or help a schoolchild acquire glasses to see the blackboard clearly for the first time?” This Christmas, instead of another lotion set, how about honoring your loved ones (especially those with everything they already need) with a gift to Spirit in Action to help someone like Linly Nkhata start a business and buy a cow? Watch a video of Linly sharing her success story.

2. A little goes a long way! The enormous impact of our Small Business Fund, which gives a $150 grant and business training to entrepreneurs in Africa, is another reason to give to SIA. That $150 can start a business is one heck of a deal, as we would say here in Minnesota! Consider, this amount that isn’t enough to even cover rent for one month in the US is enough to get a family business off the ground in DR Congo. Read about SIA’s success in DR Congo.

3. Join your friends! 88 individuals, groups, and foundations have already contributed to make Spirit in Action’s work happen this year! These people are passionate about our work. One of our donors wrote to me: “Being led to continue what Del started in my prayer life years ago has been fulfilled by your faithfulness! I’ve enclosed a check to join the Celebration of being at one with the rest the joy-filled followers…Happy fifteenth birthday!

Winkly with pigs

5. Build Relationships! Christmas is all about visiting friends and family and sharing joy together. Spirit in Action is also all about relationships. Del Anderson started SIA because he was drawn to help people in developing countries and encourage them through sending letters, seeds, self-help information, and also praying with them. Fifteen years later, relationships remain central to our work. Once we build these connections with our international partners and coordinators we are drawn through compassion to help them develop sustainable livelihoods, send children to school, and eat better food.

New members receive loans from MAVISALO

You can make a tax-deductible contribution online here or send a check to the address below. And don’t forget to designate your donation to honor or remember someone special!

Spirit in Action PO Box 3384 Santa Cruz CA 95063

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