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Fall Newsletter! Updates, photos, and a new sewing project in Burundi!

The 2020 Spring & Summer newsletter is here! You can view a PDF version here!

Students and teachers at the Flaming Chalice International sewing training workshops in Burundi wear masks and sit outdoors.

In this newsletter we feature:

  • Sewing training underway in Burundi - outdoors and with masks

  • "Start with what you have" - The 5 Ss for Business Success!

  • Who are SIA's Partners? Building Relationships for the Long-term

  • Women in Kenya finding ways to work during a pandemic

Ann, Gladys, Maurine, Dennis, Esther with one of the prayer mats that they have for sale, to earn extra income during the pandemic.

Sharing the Gift: Universal Love Alliance in Uganda organizes women’s groups to collectively raise pigs. Here, Nyakaikara group members receive the gift of piglets shared from another group.

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