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Fall Newsletter! Stories, photos, and a new mission statement!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The 2019 Fall & Winter newsletter is here! You can view a PDF version here and hard copies are in the mail this week!  

These guys are part of the SIA team in Manyamula, Malawi! Winkly, Mbwenu, and Sylvester helped Kathleen King and I visit over 35 of the 200+ SIA supported businesses in the area!

In this newsletter we feature:

  1. Meet “Notorious for Jesus” Small Business Fund leader, Ruth, in Eldoret, Kenya

  2. Read our new Mission Statement

  3. Photo collage from my five weeks in Africa this summer

  4. “I don’t miss school anymore” Salome told me when I visited her school in Malawi in June

high school in Malawi

Tanya and SIA Board Member Kathleen King hand out cotton sanitary pads to girls at a rural school in Malawi. This is in partnership with Hope for Relief Malawi.

Read the full newsletter and donate now to support the work of Spirit in Action. Thank you for joining us in this work for more justice in the world!

group photo in rural Uganda

Barbara Deal, Tanya Cothran, and Douglas Okello posing around Douglas’s photography studio chair in Aboke, Uganda.

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