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Dedicated SBF Coordinator, Dennis Kiprop

Dennis Kiprop, SIA Small Business Fund (SBF) Coordinator in Kenya, has trained and supported 27 micro-enterprise business groups near Eldoret since he started in 2009. We are so blessed to have this enthusiastic, dynamic coordinator volunteer his time to help community members gain new skills and raise themselves out of poverty.

Today, I am reposting this post from 2009, which gives such a good sense of the dedication of our on-the-ground coordinators.

**Congratulations to Dennis and Nancy who got married just three weeks ago!**


Dennis Kiprop leads a workshop

Now, instead of repaying SIA for the small business grant, the groups are “paying it forward” by giving potato seeds and sharing the knowledge they have gained to a new group, so that they can start another business! The love of SIA continues to spread!

“I am sure by now all the seven groups in Kenya must have learned how to run a small business, utilize the available resources, and serving other people in the community! I know the two groups appreciate the impact and would want others to experience the same.

SIA partners in front of their many tree seedlings

SIA Kenyan partners in front of their many tree seedlings

I realized that environment for learning is multiplied every time a group experiences the process of spending ,producing ,marketing, accounting and reinvesting back their resources, enables them to have a common ground of growing and even sharing the gift becomes a blessing. I am glad that all the groups are continuing and the team spirit “to work hard together to succeed” is still in them and love to share with the community at large.

Dennis continues: “I must honestly say SIA has taught me and everyday I find a new meaning growing, learning oneself, and letting God have his way in me. And before sending any report or updates to SIA, I take time to pray and seek God’s help. It becomes easier, brings joy and feeling his Holy Spirit within me.”

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