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Businesses Earning, Girls Learning…

We have some exciting updates to share with you about Spirit in Action’s ongoing programs!

First, positive reports from the business leaders in Nawangisa Village, Uganda, sharing about their new enterprises started this year:

Ms. Tabisa Jese; Mat Making – “The demand has been higher than what we could supply! Now, I can provide better food for my family.”

Making and selling baskets in Uganda

Beautiful baskets in Uganda

Ms. Nankwanga Joy; Basket Making – “We have all participated effectively,” Joy says about the family business. A total of 8 people have benefited directly from the business and they have been able to repair their home with profits!

Ms. Magida Moses; Bricks Making – “We earned $50 in profit. Now we can take the children back to school.”

What amazing testaments to the power of a small enterprise to improve lives in a rural village in Uganda! Photos are in the mail from Uganda now and I’ll post them on the website and our Facebook page when I get them!

Girls Learning

Tanya with Girls at CIFORD

Tanya meets with girls who have graduated from the CIFORD workshops. July 2011

A generous grant to Spirit in Action from the Charles Wentz Carter Foundation will go to assist CIFORD Kenya conduct more Girls Empowerment Workshops! We are so grateful for their support, which helps SIA serve this community organization in Kenya.

The Foundation said they were really impressed with the report last spring and so they are pleased to continue support of this great organization! A workshop for 150 girls is planned for this month. [Read more about CIFORD’s programs in our Spring newsletter.]

Upon hearing the good news, one of SIA’s Advisory Board Members shared her enthusiasm for CIFORD’s community work: “We are thrilled about the CIFORD project. Seeing that girls have the opportunity for an education in East Africa is especially dear to our hearts. To keep girls in school gives them a world of choices unavailable to those who aren’t able to attend. The project reports are so inspiring.”


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