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5 Non-Elections Related Things Crossing My Desk Today

1. Maize Machines – Bought and Delivered!

This is progress! Last spring’s SIA Silent Auction helped raise the funds for the Manyamula Savings and Loans Cooperative to purchase a maize mill in Malawi. I heard from Canaan over the weekend and the mill has been purchased – and as a bit of a silver lining – the devalued local currency meant that the SIA grant was enough to purchase two mills, instead of one!

MAVISALO members with the 2 new diesel engines!

MAVISALO members with the 2 new diesel engines!

“I am glad to inform you that the 2 sets of maize mills with diesel engines are procured and they are with us in office. There is a Milling Mill and a 2 Roller Milling Sheller. This week by Friday a technician will come to fix the mills in a rented house belonging to Red Cross, which is located at the center of our community market.”

2. Congratulations to the Trophy Winners!

In other exciting news from Malawi, the winners from the MAVISALO Soccer Trophy (mentioned in the Fall 2012 newsletter) have been announced!

Orchard Youth Soccer Team won the soccer tournament and received the $30 1st prize. The VISALO Youth Soccer Team, sponsored by the Manyamula Savings and Loans Cooperative, came in 2nd place, winning $20. Congratulations!

3. The Teimuge’s Samro School

Peter Ayum in High School Form 1

Peter Ayum graduated from Samro School and is now a freshman in High School (Form 1)

Following on last week’s post with some words of wisdom from Samuel Teimuge, this week I received an annual update on his and Rhoda Teimuge’s K-8 Samro School in Eldoret.

“Samro School is fourteen years old and has sent 80 students to high school. The report reaching us is that almost all of them are disciplined, honest, hard working, and they reference God in their lives.”

If you want to see their latest project or contribute to their school, visit Advancing Leaders International.

4. Supporting Women’s Organizations

There’s a great new crowd-funding platform, Catapult, which helps connect donors with women/girl-focused grassroots organizations around the world. I wrote a review of the website here, and I encourage you to check it out and see all the wonderful local organizations out there helping women and girls in their communities!

5. Encouraging Quote!

And when all the election coverage gets to be too much, keep this advice from Rumi in mind:

“Move to the edge and over. Fly with the wings he gives, and if you get tired, lie down, but keep opening inside your soul.”
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