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Wisdom from Del: "We come alive in God’s Spirit"

Del Anderson, SIA Founder, knew some truths so deeply. He know that God's Spirit was inside him. And I think he knew also that the same Spirit was in every other living thing. He knew the promise that with God all things are possible, and that it is our privilege and pleasure to live out God's Spirit in the world. (Can you see where our name comes from?!)

Today I'm sharing some of Del's wisdom with you all, to encourage you in this hard time. Some are facing need and despair on the front lines. Some are facing prejudice and hatred, and maybe blame, because of who you are and who you love. Some are facing stress, feeling the weight of responsibility on our shoulder. And all of us are facing uncertainty.

Today I can affirm that life is always uncertain, but God's love and care is certain. May these words from Del comfort you and spark hope:

The great secret that has been hidden from generation to generation: “Christ in you” (Col. 1:26)

To “abide in Christ” is out great privilege and responsibility, and it takes constant and continuous practice to habit ourselves to this partnership with God. “Only believe, and you shall see the glory of God.”

In Matthew 28, Jesus said, “All power in heaven and on earth has been given unto Me.” He also said, “The works I do, ye shall do, and greater works shall ye do.”

Pictured above: Samro School was a labor of love and faith; baby chickens in Kenya; banana plants and gorgeous clouds in Western Uganda; Universal Love Alliance team in Uganda.

The accepting of Jesus’ Word and practicing and living it out in our daily lives as Reality and Truth will bring a convergence of God’s Power and Energy, All Love, and a modeling of faith (trust) in God. Thus, we come into unity with God and are empowered with Love and Faith.

It is in our hearts that we receive from Spirit – inwardly, deeply, and frequently – God’s transformation. As we daily feel and receive Christ’s Presence and Power within us we are abiding in God. It is this practicing the Presence of God that God’s Nature and Feelings take root in the subconscious mind, and our fears gradually are dissolved through increasing faith, courage and serenity.

Fear of anything increases its power over us. Jesus said, “Fear not, I have overcome the world.” “With God, all things are possible.”

Our intent and purpose is to habit ourselves to a way of life with an open heart to the Power of Spirit and the Power of Love which casts out all fear. Thus, we come alive in God’s Spirit. We find freedom and allow God’s Spirit to take possession of our hearts and minds.

The same resurrecting Power which raised Jesus from the dead is available within us NOW. This Power remains latent and dormant until we recognize, acknowledge, affirm, claim, and appropriate God’s Promises in our daily lives. This is a constant and continuous nurturing process.

Gradually, we learn to be guided by the Create Power of the Spirit, which even NOW is radiating continuously, acting upon the sensitive receiver of our intuitive faculty.

God is saying to you and to me, “I AM the Christ within thee. My Power is greater than all. Behold I make all things new.” “Behold, NOW is the acceptable time. Behold, NOW is the day of salvation. Only believe (and act as though you believe), and you shall see the Power of God coming forth through you as God’s manifestor.”


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