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Wisdom from Del: Focus on a life of wholeness

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

By Del Anderson, August 15, 2000, Age 94

“The kingdom of God is within you.” Focus upon it, recognize it, assimilate and experience it; that we may have a conscious realization of our unity and oneness with God and the All Presence and Allness of the God consciousness and actuality.

We need to remind ourselves, don’t be satisfied with half a life, focus on a life of wholeness and beauty the totality and fulfillment of God’s purpose and good for us. Life is a growth process, not an existence. We are spiritual beings; let us change our attitudes and our expectations of ourselves. Let us stop downgrading ourselves. As we keep our inner focus, loving from the inner to the outer, we become aware of our uniqueness and are open to our creativity.

Magdalene, in a Maasai village in Kenya.

We are not minds and bodies. We have these wonder-filled instruments of God to be channels for God. Therefore, we have the responsibility of learning to center and direct our minds and bodies.

Elders on the farm in Maua, Kenya.

“The real truth is we don’t grow old, as we stop growing we are old.” We need to train ourselves to be open to the inner urge of the inspiration of the divinity within us. This is the unfolding process of “the best is yet to be.” Our attitude determines whether we let go of our blind believe of limitation and open and expand our consciousness to a realization of what and who we really are, and our relationship to the wholeness of God and Spirit Universe.

Sunset over Lake Malawi.

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