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What a celebration of community!

Over the weekend, we celebrated 25 years of community partnership through Spirit in Action.

48 people attended from 4 different countries

That so many people chose to spend their Sunday afternoon/evening/night on Zoom with us was so heartwarming.

$4,096.57 raised for future grants

The average SIA grant is $4,000 this year. We raised enough for one more grant next year! Thank you to all who support SIA throughout the year.

5 = God's grace; 25 = Grace upon grace

"The number five symbolizes God's grace, goodness, and favor. Grace is a spontaneous gift," said Amber Picou-Broadnax at the event. The invitation was to give in increments of $5! You can donate to this anniversary campaign here.

Watch the whole program here:

Part of the joy of the event was seeing how much we’ve grown in recent years.

25 partner organizations in 2022

The African Advisory Board has helped us identify and connect with many more grassroots organizations. Five years ago, we supported just a handful of organizations.

$114,881 in grants for 2022 programming

That's a 175% increase from five years ago!

Average grant is $4,000

Communities add our grant funds to the resources already in the community to implement their programs for positive change.

See where our grant partners are working:

Thank God for Zoom!

6 Grant Partner workshops in the past 12 months

This is part of the on-going work of connecting with and building up the SIA Africa community

An average of 18 people attended each workshop

On the last call, one participant joined the Zoom call from up on his roof because that’s where he could get the best reception. That dedication to being part of the SIA community is inspiring!

34 participants in our SIA Partners WhatsApp group chat

These participants are from 5 countries, including SIA grant recipient organization leaders, SIA African Advisory Board members, and me, the SIA Executive Director.

As Wambui Nguyo said in her video at the event, "Long live Spirit in Action. Long live Del Anderson's dream!"

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