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Solar Cooking Season in Kenya

While last week we barely got above freezing in Minneapolis, this is the “solar cooking season” in Kenya! Camily Wedende, a SIA grant recipient, trains people people who have been internally displaced and are living in refugee camps near Eldoret to use the power of the sun to cook their food and pateurize water.

Here, in his own words, Camily reports on the utility and popularity of solar cookers in his community:

“Right now its too hot nearly the whole country, we cook most food in solar cookers in less than three hours. Most food that we eat at lunch time is cooked by the sunshine. The solar cookers are outside everyday people seeing, taste food and news spreading as people come for trainings.

Many can now boil water in the solar cookers before drinking most rivers are dried up and if you happen to get little is contaminated and needs to be pasteurized . Solar cooker is the best to pasteurize the water.”

Thank you Camily! How exciting to be able to use the sun, a resource that God has provided, to cook food. Now if you could only send some warmth my way….

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