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SIA welcomes a new African Advisory Board Member

Margaret Ikiara

Margaret Ikiara

Founder and Executive Director of Community Initiatives For Rural Development (CIFORD)

Maua, Kenya

Margaret Ikiara is the founder and Executive Director of CIFORD, a renowned organization based in Kenya. With a deep commitment to community development and empowerment, Margaret has played a significant role in transforming the lives of vulnerable communities in rural areas, particularly in Meru County.

margaret giving an inspirational talk to women

Margaret has dedicated her career to addressing the challenges faced by rural communities, including poverty, food insecurity, gender inequality, and lack of access to essential services. Her leadership and passion for sustainable development have been instrumental in shaping CIFORD's programs and initiatives.

Under Margaret's guidance, CIFORD has successfully implemented numerous projects focusing on education, health, agriculture, and women and girls' empowerment. Her approach emphasizes a participatory and community-led model, ensuring local communities are involved in decision-making and taking ownership of the development initiatives.

Margaret shaking hands while being recognized for her community service

In addition to her work with CIFORD, Margaret has been actively involved in advocacy and policy development at the national and regional levels. She has served as a voice for marginalized communities, advocating for their rights and inclusion in decision-making processes. Government agencies, international organizations, and development partners have sought Margaret's expertise and insights, further amplifying the impact of her work beyond CIFORD's projects.

Despite the challenges faced in implementing development projects in rural areas, Margaret remains steadfast in her commitment to creating positive change. Her ability to mobilize resources, forge partnerships, and inspire communities has been instrumental in community project success. Her approach combines grassroots knowledge, innovative solutions, and a deep understanding of the local context, ensuring that interventions are relevant, sustainable, and impactful.

quote from Margaret

Margaret brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the African Advisory Board and, perhaps more importantly, a spirit of warmth and generosity. Margaret is a well-known community leader with ties to many Spirit in Action partners, strengthening the opportunities for more partner collaborations.

As part of the SIA African Advisory Board, Margaret looks forward to mentoring new and developing community organizations, promoting the image of Spirit in Action in Africa, and representing the interests of community service organizations on the SIA board.

Welcome, Margaret!

three women standing in a garden
Tanya Cothran, Margaret Ikiara, and Grace visiting CIFORD members in 2017

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