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A Report by Joshua Machinga, Common Ground Program – Poultry Project

Yet, in the midst of such astonishing beauty, life in Kenya is often filled with staggering hardship. Although many families, especially in Rift Valley, rely on subsistence farming, food yields are unpredictable due to poor soil. Often, in northern and western Kenya, local crops like maize, beans, cassava and sweat potatoes only produce a seven-month supply of food each year. Also, few families can afford cattle or goats, and many households manage only a few chickens – due to limited poultry husbandry skills.

Reading from one of the leaflets from Del in 1991, I realized that I was the one to bring the change I wanted to see around me. I worked on small projects in my community with funding from Del. As a routine, he enclosed a $20 bill in every letter he wrote to me until his death in 2008. For the first time Common Ground Program (CGP), a local Kenyan community based organization secured a grant from Spirit in Action in 2010 to develop a poultry project in hopes of building a better tomorrow.

This poultry project is serving as a “model poultry co-op” in the community where local farmers meet, discuss, and learn about successful poultry production…

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