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Our Dreams for SIA

Last year, at the conference in Kenya where we dreamed up the African Advisory Board, I asked those gathered about their vision for SIA. I asked, “What’s your wildest dream for SIA?”

Out of the conversation, we honed in on a tagline for our work: “SIA is social and economic justice not charity, with God in the center.”

team members sitting around a table
A moment of laughter during our meeting in Kenya in 2019.

What else do we dream for Spirit in Action?

Canaan Gondwe (Malawi): To see change in the people we work with. Better livelihoods. Abundant life. To see change that is sustainable; change that comes from within. I dream that SIA continues to be a learning organization and have wider horizons. To learn from our mistakes. To see the challenges, and learn from them. To learn how to have greater impact with the small resources we have.

Naomi - SIA local coordinator from Uganda

Naomi Ayot (Uganda): To improve our skills, and help people with their reporting. I dream that the funding sources to SIA increase. That there is an increase of people who trust in the vision of SIA and invest in the programs. I see that SIA has a unique oneness and love in the communities we serve. I see women empowering women. We are creating one big SIA movement – with participatory social justice.

Samuel Teimuge (Kenya): I dream of continued training and mentoring for partners. And more regular communication between partners and SIA office. We are sharing the successes, celebrating lifting someone’s life, which motivates us all.

Dennis Kiprop (Kenya): I see SIA as a vehicle for social and economic justice. People are saying, “I can take my child to a better clinic. I can learn to write.” SIA can help bring justice.

Tanya, Dennis, and Canaan - friends and colleagues across countries and cultures.

Wambui Nguyo (Kenya): I dream of having a thriving savings and loans group in Koch (slum community), following on the model of COMSIP in Malawi. I want people to have a different kind of life. I know it can be done. I want to always encourage people to keep moving forward and see a different future.

Barbara Deal (USA): To increase the donor base and budget so more grants can be made. I want donors to understand the power of our partners.

Tanya Cothran (SIA Office): to build a wider network, sharing with other NGOs and government agencies that work in the same areas as we do. I dream that there can be space for openness to try new things and learn from those experiences. My dream is to move us even more towards working for justice, not charity.

Blessed holidays from all of us as Spirit in Action! See you in the New Year, when we’ll continue our dreaming, learning, and giving!

Celebrating prosperity in Aboke, Uganda.

women dancing outside
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