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On Fear – From Del’s Journal

Del Anderson, SIA’s founder, wrote this meditation on the topic of fear in his journal on March 13th, 1999, at the age of 92. For me, Del’s ornate, rich use of language forces me to slow down and read each sentence, soaking up the message in the ruminations.

We are greater than we know. As we keep on keeping on, with God-awareness, and conscious choice and actions, we open out a way for the inner splendor within us to come forth in clarity and focus.

What is reality and truth? What am I really afraid of? If I can name my fears, it releases some of the unknowable aspects.

It may be that as we more fully release any concern of how we are remembered and focus more on the now each day, and how fully we are fulfilling God’s purpose day by day, this may allow us to more fully direct the how, when, and where we make our transition.

This process requires us to focus more on our own being (in the silence) and be directed to more fulfilling and purposeful inner God-guidance in our doing.

I believe each of us need to be careful we don’t allow our life to use escapism by seeking constant diversion from awareness of our feeling of insecurity and fears.

God is the solution, and has the answers to all our fears, and insecurities. God has given us the power to choose, the choices are ours.

The way out of fear and insecurity is IN. “The kingdom of God is within us.” “Christ in you the hope of glory.” The peace of God and the truth-reality of life is within us; we open ourselves to rescue in the secret peace of the most high.

As we, “seek first the Kingdom of God” within us all else – all good – will be added unto us. Our awareness, conscious choices and directed actions, determines who get our attention, and to whom we serve.

The practice of presence of God, is our ultimate goal. Let us focus, experience, and discipline ourselves on fulfilling this goal. It is simple, but not easy. We have many distractions. Our part is to keep on keeping on until we catch on, until our transcended self takes control.

We are not here to let insecurity and fears direct our lives. We are created in the image and likeness of God, for the purpose of nurturing our souls and fulfilling the purposes of God, to express and manifest God, make God visible here on earth as it is in heaven (the invisible).

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