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Moringa Tea

When the SIA Board of Directors was debating Newton Amaglo’s grant proposal to promote Moringa power as a nutritional supplement (See post below), the question came up, “Will people like the TASTE of Moringa?”

As you might imagine, this is an important question when you are trying to get young students to like using the Moringa powder in their food. So, I bought some Moringa leaf powder from Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) for the Board to try the flavor.

I asked Newton for a recipe for Moringa tea to try it out before sharing it with the Board at our meeting this weekend, so I recruited my husband (Boyd) and housemate (E.B.) to be my kitchen tasters. Here is the recipe I got from Newton in Ghana:

“You can preapre an infusion from the leaves by boiling it in water for 10-15 minutes. When it cools you can pour out the liquid to serve and you have moringa drink that you can sweeten with honey to taste. Without milk is prefered by some people while others still like to take it with milk.”

I prepared the tea for us yesterday morning, using the fine powder that smells similar to green tea before added to water. After it is mixed into the hot water it has a strong leaf-like smell and is a forrest green color. We tried it plain, with honey and with honey and milk (or rice milk). The official decision was that the tea is nice and earthy, especially after a few sips to get used to the new flavor. I especially liked it with milk and honey! It was fun to try this new tea and I look forward to sharing it with the Board on Saturday!

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