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Meet these new Small Business Fund entrepreneurs!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Five more Small Business Fund grants were distributed in Manyamula Village in northern Malawi last month. Local coordinator Canaan Gondwe hosted a business training, covering topics like record-keeping, assessing demand and profitability, and marketing your product. The groups also filled out business plans and then received their initial grant of $100.

Meet the latest SBF entrepreneurs:

  1. Dafless Chisimba is starting a frozen juice business with her brother and sister. She is 21 and is earning money to pay for her college fees. They have already rented a fridge and are ready to start making popsicles!

  2. Veronica Nyirongo and her husband and daughter will use their grant to expand their second-hand clothing business. She will buy a bale of socks to sell in the marketplace. The family will use their profits to pay for their children to go to college.

  3. Movettie Nyirenda and his family also want to earn money to pay for school fees. They are starting a new business raising a local breed of chickens to sell.

  4. Jollen Lungie and his wife, Maria, are expanding their coffin-making business. They already have carpentry tools and used the grant to buy more materials for building.

  5. Beauty Sakala and her family already have a chicken house and they used their grant to buy chicks and chicken feed. They are saving money to build a house with a tin roof.

In addition to these new endeavors, all these entrepreneurs are also farmers!

Canaan Gondwe, SIA Small Business Fund Coordinator in Malawi, is passionate about mindset preparation and helping people live up to their God-given potential.

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