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Joy is Restored for Denis

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Last month I wrote about the inspiring story of Denis Kasambala, 16 years old, who received the gift of a pig from his community in last year. His mother died when he was young and his father is often lost in his alcoholism. The Manyamula COMSIP Cooperative members have great hopes for Denis. They wanted him to know his great potential.

When teachers sent Denis home from school in October for not having a school uniform, the community stepped up again. Through an act of Sharing the Gift, the Manyamula COMSIP Cooperative bought Denis a uniform and books and he returned to classes.

Joy Restored

In November, Canaan Gondwe, Director of the Cooperative went to visit Denis in school. “I am glad to report that this morning when I went to his school, namely Matopoto Full Primary School, I found Denis in a new school uniform and enjoying in new life with fellow pupils. It was exciting to see this. Joy for Denis was restored.

“The facial expression from Denis which I observed was joy.” ~ Canaan Gondwe. Denis is pictured in the middle, smiling with his friends at school.

Matopoto Primary School is located two miles south of Manyamula Trading Centre. This is one of the “zones” where the Manyamula COMSIP Cooperative has a group of members and shared pig project. The school has an enrollment of 635 pupils and has just 13 teachers!

denis and his teacher

Denis with his Class 6 teacher, Masozi Mbizi

Denis’s teacher, Masozi Mbizi, reports that Denis works hard and performs above average in class. Canaan and other Cooperative members are working with Denis to coach and mentor him so that he can make up for the time he missed.

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