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Hand to Mouth No More…

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Success stories from three Small Business Fund grant recipients in Nairobi, Kenya. After expanding their entrepreneurial activities, most of the families are able to meet their most basic needs like paying rent and school fees, and providing food for their families.

When Jane Wanga Nanjira received the first SBF grant last July, she was able to stock her small pharmacy with the medicines her customers were wanting. She is now able to pay rent and school fees, and buy food from the profit that she makes from her shop. She is also reinvesting back into the business to expand it further.

Bernard Onyango’s shoe repair business is doing well. With the grant money he received, Bernard was able to buy new materials, like leather, so that he can make shoes rather than just repair them. He uses the profit from selling shoes in his neighborhood to reinvest in the business and also to buy food and pay rent.

“Wangui Jane is not struggling like before. She used to be living from hand to mouth. ” Since starting her retail shop, she is able to bring food to the table, pay rent, and buy medication. From the profit that she makes she has also joined a chama. Chama is a Swahili word meaning a welfare or investment, and it is a group of people who save together.

In 2018, Spirit in Action gave 54 Small Business Fund grants of $150 each!

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