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Grant update: Chickens = meat, eggs, manure

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Thank you to the 13 people who donated to our Giving Tuesday Facebook campaign! You can still donate to that campaign here, or on our website here.

Robinah Muganzi has a big job. A child, only five years old, was dropped off at her doorstep. Other orphans and girls escaping violent home situations come to her and she does what she can to accommodate them.

Robinah is a social worker and director of Set Her Free, which provides safe space and vocational training for vulnerable teenage girls in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. She and her staff of fourteen train the 60 young women in sewing and tailoring. They also provide meals and care for them for a 6-month period.

“We give them the love they have been denied, and the chance to live as a child again,” she told me when I visited in May.

Robinah Muganzi and Barbara Deal greet each other at the Set Her Free training hall in Kampala, Uganda. (May 2019)

In January, Set Her Free received a Spirit in Action Community Grant to buy 500 chickens and build a big, airy, dry chicken coup. They bought 275 hens and 225 roosters, so that they could produce meat as well as eggs for consumption and sale.

Robinah in front of the chicken coop

Robinah and Tanya visiting the chicken coop. Coffeebean husks (coffee is grown all over Uganda!) are put down on the floor of the coop to keep it dry.


  • 40 chickens fed to girls and child mothers at Set Her Free. Chicken is an important source of protein, especially for those breastfeeding.

  • 60 girls living at Set Her Free’s home regularly eat eggs, supplementing their diets.

typical meal in Uganda

A meal fit for visitors in Uganda! Hard-boiled eggs, corn meal (ugali), boiled greens, and mangos.

  • 240 trays of eggs sold in September and October, raised USD$525 income for Set Her Free programming.

  • 2 girls are now trained and are running the poultry project. Job creation!

  • $300 earned from selling vegetables and corn, grown using the organic manure from the chickens.

Bonus! Sharing the Gift! Set Her Free also gave away organic manure from the chickens to other urban small-scale farmers.

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