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Del: “Let us pledge ourselves to be God’s light”

Del loved words. He ruminated on words, contemplated and meditated on words of inspiration, and he wrote many words of encouragement to friends around the world.

Today, to celebrate International Friendship Day, I’m sharing a letter that Del sent to friends over the years. If you have a friend who you haven’t written to (or talked to) in a while, I invite you to take this opportunity to write to them and share some words of encouragement. 

Dear Children of God on the Path of faith:

Never in the history of humankind has there been such an opportunity for us to cooperate with God in re-shaping the history of humankind. We are learning that God’s Presence, Power and Wisdom are available to us NOW.  Let us claim it and live it!

Spirit in Action is a world-wide network of God’s people with caring, sharing concern for each other and a purpose, goal and plan which is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit bringing forth Peace, Joy, Health and Abundance to all creation.

God has made us as God’s instruments and co-creators, so as we take our responsibility to be God’s channels, we are empowered and the fruit of the Spirit is brought forth THROUGH US.

Let us re-affirm today that we shall become God’s Light of sharing, caring partners blessing all those that God brings into our path with examples of Light.

Let us start today afresh in expectancy and by example to cultivate every foot of soil around our homes. Let each husband, wife and child plant and care for our gardens. God has made us as representatives of the Holy Spirit, so by our loving examples we inspire and lead our families and villages into a new life of peace, love, joy and abundance.  This is God’s plan and purpose.

God’s loving Spirit of Wisdom and power will help us, but we must, with trust and expectancy, act with patience and perseverance.  We shall be victorious, and God shall be manifested and glorified through our faithfulness.  Let us take control of our lives and of our destiny!

Spirit in Action is here to pray, guide and assist you. You are God’s key to the fulfillment of God’s plan for peace and plenty. God will not do for us what we can and must do for ourselves. With faith, let us pledge ourselves to BE GOD’S LIGHT. Let us move forward in this LIGHT.

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