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Businesses bring more than just money

It so exciting to receive reports from SIA’s Small Business Fund (SBF) in the mail. It gives us a chance to see, three months after the first grant is given to a new group, how the many different enterprises are progressing. This report, from SIA SBF Coordinator Godfrey Matovu in Uganda, is a good reminder that, in addition to earning a profit from their business, the leaders also gain social standing and respect in their communities.

Here is a glimpse of the real gains experienced by the entrepreneurs, and some photos of the latest successful businesses that your donations help fund:

“It should be acknowledged that the business has brought members together in cooperation with one another but more especially it has changed the social image of the members. In conclusion, they can now have better health services, better meals and so many changes in their economic lives.”

Nyend Edwade with a brick mold.

Nyend Edwade, new business leader, with a brick mold.

I love this picture below, in spite of the fact that you can’t actually see their faces, because it shows the backdrop so nicely. I like to see the building, the trees, and the big pots which the group will sell in the market place.

Kakaire George and Malondo Timoth making pots.

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