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Announcing Spirit in Action’s African Advisory Board

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Spirit in Action is a learning organization. We continually reflect on ways we can be more responsive to the needs and expertise of our grant partners. We value the input that our long-time partners bring to the formation of Spirit in Action’s vision and operations. In a shift towards co-creation and transparency, we are formalizing the input of our grant partners through the formation of an African Advisory Board.

The new African Advisory Board (AAB) includes a team of six members who are have been involved with SIA Community Grants or the Small Business Fund. AAB members are from Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda. Their shared skills set includes: social work, business training, project planning and NGO management, mentorship, farm extension work, and savings and loans cooperative management. In addition to this collective expertise, AAB members bring their knowledge of Spirit in Action’s vision to the decision-making process.

SIA partners with local grassroots organizations like Universal Love Alliance in Uganda, which is working with men and women to end domestic violence and promote education for girls.

SIA looks for projects and organizations that are creative and work closely with community members to make lasting change. (Aboke, Uganda)

Experimenting with a new grant process

The AAB leaders will review applications from their country and engage the organization with any follow-up questions. They will meet in-person to discuss the applications. Then, the AAB will put forward grant recommendations to the North American Board of Directors.

In this first year, we will open calls for proposals and review applications in January and September 2020. (See the call for proposals here!)

All SIA grants are awarded through a transparent and open grants process, managed jointly by the African Advisory Board (ABB) & North America Board of Directors (NAB). The African Advisory Board members are bound by conflict of interest and confidentiality agreements. The call for proposals from Community-Based Organizations/Indigenous Organizations in Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda is now live until February 14t!

If you have any questions about this process, please email Tanya Cothran, Executive Director.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the development of this process!

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