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5 Years of SIA in Malawi

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Here is a state of the field update from SIA Small Business Coordinator Canaan Gondwe in Malawi. Canaan reports on the progress and real change he has seen and experienced in his community through SIA and praises SIA volunteer coordinators for keeping our administrative costs so low!

Five solid years have elapsed since SBF – Mzimba group was launched. The years have been characterized by business groups showing the entrepreneurial spirit where creativity and innovativeness have taken centre stage. To date 54 business groups have been established and grown to impacting the lives of the youth, HIV Positive people, less privileged, and women headed households (widows). These members are able to survive economically on the incomes and have created jobs for themselves. GOD BLESS SIA.

SIA has revolutionized the lives of poor of the poorest in our community. Many have a praise song in their heart. The participating members are ablbe to see God through the program. What is more intresting to me as a Coordinator is the change that has taken place in these people. IT IS POSITIVE CHANGE, THIS IS TRANSFORMATION AT ITS BEST.

Also what is so good to me is that SIA IS NOT an expensive initiative compared with these other so called Development institutions. They have huge administrative funds for the implementation of community projects, yet SIA has sponsors in the US AND Volunteer coordinators in the community with BIG CHANGES ON PARTICIPATING BUSINESS GROUPS.

In Gods love,



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