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5 things making me happy this week

A round-up of some of the exciting things to cross my desk in the last week:

1. SIA Business Groups Receive Reinvestment Grant – Dennis Kiprop, the Small Business Fund Coordinator in Kenya, sent me this photo of himself with 4 of the newest SBF businesses in his area. He met with each of them this week and gave them the $50 reinvestment grant, which comes three months after their initial $100 business grant.

2. Offertory Prayer – I really appreciated this prayer at my church last week and I think it’s appropriate for my daily work with SIA:

O God, through the offering of these gifts, may we become more open people: open-minded in heeding your wisdom, open-hearted in healing a broken world, open-handed in responding to your call for cherity and justice. With thanks for all good gifts, we dedicate these offerings today.

3. Cellphones for Health – A long and interesting article about technology start up companies in Kenya. One new business created a system for automated text reminders to go to patients reminding them to take HIV/AIDS medications or to get maternal health check-ups. So cool what cellphones can be used for in Kenya!

4. Doing it Differently – The blog How Matters recognized Spirit in Action as an organization “doing aid differently” on her Pinterest Board! How Matters is dedicated to discussing the ethics, complexity, and importance of community involvement in international aid. (Don’t know about Pinterest? It’s a new media-sharing tool, and another thing making me happy this week!)

5. Monday Morning Inspiration – “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson (via

Let me know what’s inspiring you this week!

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