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3 days left until…Moni Malawi! Hello Malawi!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Three more days of packing and planning before Boyd and I board the plane to Malawi! We are so excited and blessed to go visit Spirit in Action-supported projects in Kenya and Malawi over the next month. Some of the highlights of our visit are:

  1. We will be visiting 5 SIA grant projects, interviewing project participants and listening to feedback from our partners.

  2. We will meet with all 8 Small Business Fund Coordinators, training and working together to make our micro-enterprise program more effective.

  3. We are bringing 2 laptops, 3 cameras, and 2 flash drives to give to our coordinators, so that they can provide better documentation to SIA.

  4. We also are bringing soccer balls, frisbee disks, pens and pencils (donated by a SIA supporter!) to give to SIA partners and their families.

These visits will help us get a real sense of what is happening on the ground, allow us to understand the impact of SIA-supported projects, and strengthen our international network of people service God by helping others! Please keep us and everyone we will meet in your prayers for safety, joy, and peace.

Thank you to everyone who had made this visit possible! We couldn’t do it without the generous support of our donors!

P.S. I’ll be gone July 22nd – August 20th. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to post to the blog or Facebook while I’m away. I’m sure I will return with lots of stories and photos, which I’ll share with you this fall.

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