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SIA SBF Coordinator in the news

I was pleased to read the following tribute from  ERase Poverty to Dennis Kiprop, who is a SIA Small Business Fund coordinator in Kenya. ERase Poverty, a Washington state based nonprofit, recently coordinated the Second Annual Watoto 10K Road Race in Ilula, Kenya. The race raised funds from sponsors in Kenya and the US to build a water pump at the Illula Children’s Home, which Samuel and Rhoda Teimuge run. Congratulations to Dennis! “We are honored to welcome several other participants from the community who are passionate about athletics and the work being done at the Ilula Children’s Home, including:

Dennis Kiprop
Dennis is currently enrolled in business classes in Eldoret, the nearest town to Ilula. He dreams to be an entrepreneur and athletic coach, and would like to help communities develop business skills so they improve the future for themselves and their children.” Alex Kiptanui from Ilula Children's Home was the fastest runner. Notice he's wearing an Obama t-shirt! #Kenya #Teimuge

SIA SBF Coordinator in the news
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