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“We can’t learn until we unlearn” – Wisdom from Del

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

From Del’s Writings, June 2005, Age 98

We accept each challenge, each change, and seek guidance and respond in coming forth with an answer.

Day by day there is growth, change, fresh manna.  Yesterday’s manna is not good enough for today. 

My focus is coming forth as this new person each day.

On this pilgrimage from sense to soul, from self to Christ, from outer to inner, is an ever-changing, growing, fresh manna daily.  Meditation is our blessed tool, our instrument. Meditation, contemplative meditation and prayer are three of God’s greatest tools.

It’s an ever-changing world and I’m learning so much.  I am seeing that every person is an expression of God, no matter where they are in their pilgrimage.

There are wonderful people serving here [at the skilled nursing facility]. This is a place where they are instruments of God; serving, caring for people as a mother would a child.

God’s Kingdom is within us. We need to let it come forth, step by step here on earth.

It does require a real desire to change.  We feel secure in the way we are.  Changes don’t make us feel as secure. So much of what we have to do is unlearn as well as learn. We can’t learn until we unlearn.

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