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Success after one year in business!

What can a group of 3-5 people accomplish in one year? Well, if they are members of a Spirit in Action Small Business Fund group, the answer is “An amazing amount!” After one full year in business the Small Business Fund Coordinators, who all work as volunteers, help the groups complete One-Year Reports to send to the SIA office. These reports give the groups a chance to show off what they have been able to accomplish after just one year of hard work.

This week I received some amazing success stories from Coordinator Canaan Gondwe in Malawi! Let me share them with you too so that together we can celebrate these wonderful, encouraging victories:

1.Eliza Ziba (above) has been able to renovate her family’s home since starting Eliza’s Grocery Shop. The group has also reinvested $230 to expand their shop.

2.The Allan Bicycle Repair Shop (right) operated by Allan Mwale and his family has experienced high demand for their bicycle and motorcycle services. With such success they have been able to pay school fees for one of their daughters in secondary school!

3. The family business Chiuta Ngwalusungu Barber Shop (below left), led by Zondia Hunga, has recently bought a motorcycle to help their business expand. Now, they can use the motorcycle to quickly and easily transport the batteries to be recharged. After one year they have $346 in savings!

4. With the $275 in savings from the Yashama Grocery Shop (below right), Jane Mtonga has helped her husband venture into a new carpentry business. His high quality furniture is popular in the community and he is able to earn a good income.

Isn’t it amazing what just $150 with some training, encouragement and support can do for a family? When we help people help themselves they are able to accomplish great things, reinvesting in their businesses and communities and improving their lives!

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